Mamas and moms-to-be

Every pregnancy is unique, and your wellness + fitness routine to support your journey should be equally as individualized. Kara supports mothers through pregnancy and the postpartum period with personalized support.


Work with Kara for the Four Trimesters

Personalized instruction to support you through your birth year.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This very special and unique time in a woman’s life requires a thoughtful and individualized approach to wellness and movement. Each woman is different. Each pregnancy is unique. Classical Pilates provides customized support through pregnancy and the postpartum period.

The Four Trimesters

One year. Once a week. 46 sessions. (includes a 6-8 week maternity leave gap)


(Total savings of $690)


4 payments of $920

(Total savings of $460)

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Trimester 1

During this infamous period of fatigue and nausea, the good news is that movement tends to make you feel better! Increased oxygen helps you to feel grounded + calm. Your workout routine can remain the same and will be customized to your personal energy level. Towards the end of this trimester we begin to decrease exercises that over burden the abdominals.

Special attention is provided to those who have recently completed IVF or have a high risk pregnancy.

Trimester 2

Now you’re feeling better! Your sessions may resume a more challenging pace. We eliminate exercises that increase intra-abdominal pressure to aid in the prevention of diastasis recti (a natural separation of the abdominal muscles that occurs in pregnancy). We continue to challenge your core safely, while working the muscles of the arms, legs and back.

Trimester 3

Things may be starting to get a bit uncomfortable! During this period we focus on creating space in the body, while maintaining a connection to the transverse abdominis and the pelvic floor. Special attention is paid to the comfort level of each client and sessions may need to be tailored as many women begin to find lying on their backs uncomfortable.

Trimester 4

The postpartum period. Somewhere between 6-8 weeks after your delivery you will be cleared by your caregiver for movement. In your first session post baby we will check for diastasis recti. We will begin by re-establishing a healthy breath pattern to encourage proper core engagement and help guide your body back to a more neutral alignment. We will get you reconnected to your core in a safe way so that proper abdominal and pelvic floor function is restored.

We recommend at least a private 10-series postpartum before returning to semi-privates or group classes.


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