In 10 sessions you will feel the difference. In 20 you will see the difference. In 30 you'll have a whole new body.
—Joseph Pilates


Privates with Kara

Introductory Offer

Every client begins with three introductory sessions. This is a crucial time where I get to know your body and we create a plan that’s personalized for you.

3 Private Sessions



Individual Private Session



Ten private sessions personalized to your body and goals.


($50 savings)


30 private sessions personalized to your body and goals.


($300 savings)


What is a 10-Series?

After your introductory sessions, I recommend committing to a series of ten private sessions in order to really begin to feel the benefits or a regular Pilates practice. In ten sessions you will:

Understand: the classical order of exercises
Become: confident with the equipment
Cultivate: more body awareness and learn to initiate movement from your core

What is Deep 30?

After your initial ten-series, we go deeper into the Pilates practice. Recommended for those students looking to make a longterm commitment to a Pilates practice or those interested in practicing twice a week. At the end of 30 sessions, you will:

Understand: the full language of pilates, its exercises and equipment
Become: strong, flexible and balanced in your body
Cultivate: a deep core connection that can be challenged with speed, cardio elements, and the introduction of advanced work


Semi-Private Instruction

Semi-private, 55 minute sessions, utilizing various pieces of Pilates equipment. Sessions are shared between two students. Partner not required for sign up. A minimum of five private sessions or previous Pilates experience is required. 

10-Series Package


10 semi-private pilates sessions
($50 savings)

Deep 30


30 semi-private pilates sessions
($300 savings)


Small Group Classes

The most affordable way to experience the Classical Pilates method, small group classes are limited to three people and provide personalized instruction on the Tower and the Mat. This is an open level class and suitable for students of all levels and experience.

Individual Class


10-Class Package


Class Schedule


Reservations are required for all group classes.
Email to reserve.
Classes close for reservation 24 hours prior to class start time.


The details:

All 10 Series/Class packages expire 3 months from purchase date. Deep-30 packages expire 10 months from purchase date.

New Client Offer Private Sessions expire one month from purchase date.

Reservations are required for all group classes, semi-private and private sessions. Standing appointments are available upon request. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for all group classes, semi-private and private sessions.

*Abhaya Yoga Members receive a 20% discount on all Ten Session and Deep-30 Packages. Email for more info.
*Prices do not include 4.5% NYC Service Tax